What’s your takeaway?

I know it’s not over yet, but I’m feeling enthusiasm to return to the norm. How do you define what’s normal now? Since this is the way it might be, we will have to adapt, which of course, is what we’ve done since this started.

Even though I’ve reached out to a lot of people, and even though I have a husband and 2 kittens, when all is said and done, it’s just me here. Alone in my body and my head. And boy, is my head playing tricks on me. Do your thoughts ever vacillate? For instance, you’re all ready to get into the shower, but instead, you find yourself making soup. That’s anxiety talking.

When we recover from these months of being alone, mask-wearing warriors, how can we go back to the way it was? Can you? I’m not sure that’s possible. I know I’ve developed an awareness of germs like never before. Lots of people are germa… never mind. That’s derogatory. The truth is, they had it right all along. And now, I’m not going back; that’s a permanent change for me. Imagine sitting right next to a stranger at a movie theater, concert, or sporting event. Tell me you won’t feel self-conscious and wonder if they’re infected. Or piling onto a crowded subway or bus where there’s no body space.

Can the world be developing a slight case of paranoia?

Maybe, but so much goodness has evolved. My heart goes out to those who are suffering, yet I’m amazed by the worldwide outpouring of compassion, creativity, and support for each other.

Here’s my takeaway: I will apply all these good measures that I hadn’t experienced prior to this; to my own life. I’ve always seen the good side in people and situations, and this will continue on a higher level. We will not only survive this time, we will have found alternate ways to thrive.

What will be your positive takeaway?