About Debbie


Debbie Gerbec is a professional life coach specializing in helping people find their passion. After several decades in an unfulfilling career, Debbie decided it was time to discover her inner passions. Through deep work with a life coach, Debbie developed a new career based on her lifelong love of helping people to achieve their dreams and goals. After completing the rigorous demands of training, Debbie has the tools to inspire others on their self-discovery journey. 



Traveling and learning other cultures was always an important part of Debbie’s growth and education. At age 19 she took a brave road trip on her own and travelled by rail to England, Scotland, Amsterdam, Germany, and finally to Paris, where she spent a year as an au pair, living in the beautiful 7th arrondissement. She has since travelled to Cyprus, Greece and Morocco. And she’s not done yet!

Debbie worked for many years as an editor and proofreader, developing an eagle eye for typos (secretly bringing out the nerd in her, and proud of it).

Debbie lives with her loving husband and two kittens, Knoxy and LeeLee. Debbie’s wonderful adult daughter lives in Tampa, Fl (where she can gladly visit in Winter). One of Debbie’s passions is fitness. It’s extremely important to her to maintain energy by exercising, both cardio and weights, and eating healthy. She does have a soft spot for wine, however.

Nothing makes her happier than to witness how her passions affect other people in her life. She hopes to do the same for you.