Big Goals/Little Goals. Beyond Being Humbled.

I had just finished a rigorous class at the gym. Heavy weights, cardio, the whole bit. I’ve been going to this class for years, so I know what to expect. It’s harder than hell! It’s not the most fun thing in the world, but I love the way I feel about myself after. If I don’t go consistently, then I head straight into those weeds I talked about last week.

So, yesterday, I was getting ready to leave the gym and I saw a new guy from our class. He looked exhausted and pretty much ready to pass out. I asked him what he thought of class, and he said “It humbled me.” I knew exactly how he felt. As he said that, an inventory of so many memories of my trying something new and feeling like I had completely failed ran through my mind in a second. I remember trying spinning for the first time a while back. I went into the class knowing that I’d been working out for years, I’m in shape, this will be a cinch, etc. Yeah… cocky. I didn’t last 5 minutes and headed straight out the door! I too was humbled.

So I said, Yeah, it’s really hard and intense, but come back and try it again. In time you’ll see the progress you’re making. After that, I explained how he could make coming back to class a little easier on himself.

Quite often I have clients who come in with HUGE, and what seems like to them, unattainable goals. They want to lose 30 lbs. Or, be a rockstar. You get the idea. All goals can feel impossible at times. It’s how you approach them that makes the difference. Are you willing to do anything to complete your goal? Or are you doing it because someone suggested (or told you you had to) do it?

As a coach, the first thing I do is find out your commitment. This will educate me on your intention. And yes, I want to hear the back story. I want to hear everything related to this goal. When it’s established that you are genuinely in it (at least a 9 or 10), then we move forward.

So quite simply, to avoid being overwhelmed with the mother ship of goals, I break it down into little steps that aren’t so insurmountable to you.

When you feel that obtaining your goal is an impossibility, take a look at ways you can make smaller goals within the umbrella goal. For instance, using the example of losing 30 pounds. If I were given that goal, my first question would be HOW do I do that??? By breaking it down into smaller increments. Just start with 5-pound or even 1-pound increments. Or better yet, let’s just get through today. We’ll worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. When you lose that first pound, what an achievement! You feel better about yourself and you want to continue. Imagine losing those 5 pounds, and then 10…

So if you have a huge goal (or even a little goal) that needs breaking down, I can help put together a realistic plan with you that I know you’ll be able to do and you will feel like a winner.