Stuck in Your Weeds? Get Out!


I am experiencing my weeds these days. The state where I am completely stuck – no energy, motivation, creativity. It seems each issue leads to the next, and the next, and the next and it keeps spiraling down, gaining more momentum and prominence. It’s like when you’re cleaning your kitchen and then you notice the grime on the cabinets, which leads to the grime on the top of the refrigerator, which leads to the decision to mop the floor, not just sweep, and so on. It doesn’t end, is the point of this. 

I try to analyze what the issue is, but sometimes I’m so jammed in, I can’t see the clearing. I allow myself to sink to low depths and it’s a real struggle to do anything. At one time I was even thinking I had SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. (Living in the northeast is never dreary, right?) So what does that mean, I can’t be happy from November to April? That’s absurd. Or is it… Is it possible to take emotional control of the weather? 

The underlying issue here is you are on a dedicated, committed course, let’s say, and life (life things) throws you off so much it feels like you can’t get on track again. You lose sight of what your ambitions and goals even were. (Side Note: As always, your inner critic is speaking loud and clear, if not screaming at you during this time. Don’t listen!)

So how do I plan on getting out of my weeds? 

It’s going to take herculean efforts, but I will push myself knowing that I will come out the other side. I’ve been here before, and I know that this is just temporary, if only I take the steps to push it along, and make it go away.

Have any of you experienced this? If you have, please let me know what you do to get out of your weeds – I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, here are some tips to get out of your head:

  1. One way to do this is to reach out to someone else. A friend would be a great way to shift your energy. You might be able to get some needed advice. Another example could be taking a walk and talking to neighbors, or better yet, a stranger. Remember, there are opportunities in everything you do. You could learn something by listening to other people.
  2. Focus on someone else other than yourself. Volunteer by helping out other people. It feels good to make other people feel good. So it’s only a win-win situation.
  3. Tune into your senses. I know that sounds like it will bring you even more inside yourself, when all you want to do is get outside yourself. However, focusing on the 5 senses will move you from “just doing” to calmly “being,” and finally, “present in the moment.” I remember cutting into a mango one day. I was barely paying attention to my actions, but when I tried it I was stunned by how unbelievable sensation. My reaction took me by surprise, and I just stopped and paid full attention to the experience of this mango. How it tasted and how it made me feel to eat it. Find something that you know gives you pleasure, something that tastes good, or smells good, or feels good, and do it. This will surely get you out of your head.
  4. What are you doing when you feel stuck? Are you on your computer or phone? Are you bored? Do something else. Find a house project that will require your focus. Painting a room is one of my favorites. It’s easy, sometimes challenging and usually results in satisfaction.

So, the bottom line to get out of your head is to keep reaching outside yourself. And by doing so could benefit other people in your life.