Being Fearless With Uncertainty

Uncertain situations appear in our lives every day. Most times they make us uncomfortable, often scared, sometimes annoyed. Let’s face it, some are big, like wanting to changing your life path (ie, career change, divorce) or smaller, (ie, job interview). If you take a look at these examples, the feelings are the same, no matter how big or small they are.

Spiritual teacher and author, Echart Tolle said: “When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”
Situations in your life either open you up to a whole new world, or shut you down and closed off. There are some situations where you have little choice, however.

The first time I went hiking, after an easy path at the beginning, the terrain started to get more challenging and steep and slippery until it became really scary to me. I froze for quite a while and cried. So there I was faced with my choice: Do I continue not moving and stay put until I’m rescued? Do I turn around and head back down (which seemed equally scary to me)? Or, do I bravely try to figure out how to get to the next spot – where do my hands and feet go next? I reasoned with myself at that moment, and thought ya know, I’m not the first to have climbed this. It has to be possible. Just take it real slow, secure one step at a time. And, of course, I made it! That experience actually taught me a lot about facing challenges and uncertainties.

Uncertainty in all areas of your life means slowing down, looking, listening, and then taking action.

So how do you begin to feel more comfortable with your fear of the unknown?
Look inside yourself and determine what is causing your anxiety and fear.
Going back to the smaller uncomfortable situation, such as a job interview, define your blocks. Are you nervous about how you’ll present yourself? Did you just not like the woman you spoke to on the phone? Is the drive too long? Do you have nothing to wear?

One thing to do here is to shift your perspective. Are these feelings and anxieties logical? How do you put a positive spin on them?

Think about what would happen if you didn’t go to the interview. What if you missed out on a great job, or a great relationship with your boss because you decided not to go because you had nothing to wear.

Was there ever a time in your past when you faced an uncertain situation like this? What was the outcome?
Please know that just because you had a certain outcome doing something similar doesn’t mean it will happen again. Every experience you have your entire life is unique.
What are the worst-case scenarios?
The more you face your uncertainties head on, the more comfortable you will be with them.

Look at this phase as a new adventure. After embracing discomfort and opening yourself up, you could discover new opportunities you hadn’t even thought of.

Finally, you’re taking action to change something and using your courage to face the unknown! Take pride in that!