As I wrote in The Other Side, once I turned 50, I realized that I was now in my second half, so what’s going to be my next thing?

It seems that as we grow older, we find great comfort in… comfort. But what that means is we are so cozy in our beautiful silken cocoon that we’ve successfully designed for ourselves. We may have turned off our senses, which make us open to our world around us. When we are in this space, we are closed off to anything that isn’t in our comfort zone.

I began to be aware that I, too, was stuck in this treadmill of sameness. I developed tools that helped me be more conscious while empowering myself. They encouraged me to be more mindful and to create an exhilarating existence.

After looking deeply inward, I realized that what innately came to me, and has existed my entire life, was so obvious and naturally was my passion – helping people uncover their next inspiration. Having experienced that transformation, I feel like there is so much to learn beyond weaving myself a web.